Peter Freestone and Freddie Mercury

'Freddie Mercury was my friend! He was the most loyal, generous and kind friend a person could have. Those of us, who were lucky enough to count him as such, know we are amongst the most privileged people around. He could be stubborn, bad tempered and down right vicious with his tongue, but he always cared about his friends!'

Peter Freestone

Gifted with one of the most distinctive and powerful voices in all of rock music, Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen and a driving force behind the band's musical and visual style. Since his passing in 1991 the world is still mesmerized by his presence and ability. But more than that, we are interested in the man behind Queen and the person he really was. Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury's personal assistant for the last 12 years of his life, knows the man behind the lead singer of Queen and knows the true mastery of his ability. His insight into Freddie's life allows us to connect with the Freddie Mercury and Queen story to a greater level and take a glimpse into the life of a true rock legend.

In the end Peter Freestone was involved with Freddie Mercury on a day-to-day basis for twelve years but it was by chance that their lives came together. From the first time Peter saw Freddie Mercury in the 'Rainbow Room' in the Biba Department store in Kensington he felt that Freddie had a great presence. A chance meeting at a Charity Gala with the Royal Ballet led to Peter joining Freddie on tour as a wardrobe technician and then becoming Freddie's personal assistant travelling the world and experiencing every aspect of Freddie's life.

Peter Freestone and Freddie Mercury were extremely close with Peter playing a magnitude of roles all under the classification of 'personal assistant'. 'He was chief cook and bottle washer, waiter, butler, valet, secretary, amanuensis, cleaner, baby-sitter (the baby being Freddie) and agony aunt. He shopped for him at supermarkets and art markets. Travelled the world with him experiencing the highs and lows. He saw the creative juices flow and I also saw the frustration when life wasn't going well. He acted as his bodyguard when needed and in the end he was one of his nurses.' Peter Freestone knew as much about Freddie as you can know about a person. Peter got to witness, up close and personal, the talent and charisma of Freddie Mercury.

Peter Freestone's involvement with "Queen - The Show Must Go On" was cemented once Peter saw the show as it played to a packed house in Singapore. "Queen It’s a Kinda Magic captures the thing that made Freddie special, which is his presence on stage and the way he connects with the audience and the resemblance between the two performers is uncanny". For this comparison to come from a friend and a confidant of Freddie Mercury it becomes possibly the greatest endorsement of the effort which has gone into making this show a truly magical and powerful salute to 'Freddie Mercury' and the band which he led into rock history


'Queen The Show Must Go On' helps fans relive the magic and excitement of the music of Queen as the Cast take on the persona and perform the songs we all know and love. Now with the involvement of Peter Freestone, they can get an insider glimpse into the amazing life of the man himself, Freddie Mercury' as Peter pays tribute to the man who to him, wasn't just the star of "Queen" but who was his friend.



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